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Cool Sales is the ultimate free resource for professional Salespeople. Sales Help is a free resource for salespeople to access the latest sales tools, skills and selling behaviour, sales tips, articles and sales advice (and help).

Cool Sales is a non-profit making resource set up by twelve leading UK sales man and women to help all salespeople realise their potential, be respected (and remunerated) for what we all know can be a very tough job.

All of the sections below, sales training, presentation skills, telesales skills, closing a sales, clients and competition, using email, presentation skills, emotional selling and the use of language, building confidence all inlcude a list of sales articles that fomr the basis for an online sales training course in that topic.

Coolsales, one the most powerful and influential sales portals in Britain has decided to finally share his knowledge and secrets that have kept him at the top to this day for almost 50 years.

This now gives you the perfect opportunity to learn proven sales and negotiation strategies that have been back tested and worked on for almost four decades, and the chance to learn from someone that has lived a real sales life and genuinely wants to help you be all you can be.

Whatever you do, don’t waste your time on unproven strategies that are being taught by people that don't have real genuine sales experience and success.

Get the real truth and get it straight from the horses mouth!

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free online sales training
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telsesales training london
free online sales training
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Dimensions of
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Free Online Sales Training for Sales Professionals

If you surf the web often enough, you could find hundreds of online sales training programmes, online sales training course, sales tips and sales articles, but most likely, they'll be Americanized, out of date or simply not suitable for a UK sales professional.

Cool Sales has a team of professional researchers who not only take the best in sales articles and sales tips from the internet but also have a host of sales contacts who contribute articles and sales advice.

Online Sales Training Articles

Cool Sales (2022) read, edit and improve all these sales tips, sales articles and online sales training materials for UK salespeople and publish only the very best sales advice from the UK's top sales trainers and sales coaches.

Online Sales Training Courses to improve your sales skills and increase your earnings

Cool Sales (2022) is updated weekly with the very latest online sales training tips, sales articles and fun sales programs. The website is literally filled with up to date free sales tips and sales articles you can utilizes immediately and effectively to become more successful at cold calling, face to face meetings or to secure new business by realizing your client's buying motives, or by simply giving better sales presentations, overcoming objections, being more motivated, time efficient the list is endless!

Online Sales Training Courses
Cool Sales is created by UK Sales Professionals for UK Sales Professionals. All the sales resources on the site (online sales training articles, sales tips etc) are totally free. The researching and web mastering is all paid for by our major sponsor (as one of the Director's plays a major part in Cool Sales ), so you do not have to subscribe, pay, beg borrow or steal It is simply free online sales training to help develop the UK's sales force and to put pride back into being a sales man or woman

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Latest Sales Articles

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If you have a sales that has stalled for no apparent reason, or if you have a clint that just won't take you calls, or just a sales person looking for some advice from someone who has been there, then email the question to Cool Sales and one of our sales professionals will help answer your problem in total confidence.


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